About Us

construction project, May 1962

Swanberg Construction has the experience, personnel, and resources to provide the highest quality projects to owners, engineers, and architects on the largest and most challenging projects.

Our history in the construction industry within the upper midwest dates back to the 1950’s. With that experience and knowledge incorporated and with our personnel educated from local universities in the engineering and construction fields, Swanberg Construction is well suited to complete the most challenging projects with exceptional results.

Swanberg Construction provides a wide range of experience and has completed projects for the Corps of Engineers, Western Area Power Administration, and many architects, engineers, and owners in the region. Our area of expertise includes industrial, municipal, and commercial construction. Projects include water treatment facilities, lift stations, pump stations, earthwork, underground water and sewer piping, office buildings, interpretive centers, and schools.

We strive to complete projects with the highest regard for safety and quality while cementing long-term relationships with everyone involved with and affected by the projects including subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, owners, employees, communities, and the public.